day 4 lockdown- journal

Finally the last day! it feels so much longer than it is doing online school. I’m going to miss waking up ang logging on. This morning i went on a walk with my mum at 7 am to try and help my headaches and to get exercise. It was fun we walked across a nearby horse thingy and a dog park surprisingly there were no dogs.

day 3 lockdown- journal

It’s already day 3 and i am really tired but i try to stay awake. Online school is fun i like what we did in drama i was partners with zara and flo.  We worked well and planned our presentation on thailand. Sometimes its hard to concentrate when your family is going around the house packing for us to move and doing their online work but i get there in the end.

day 1 lockdown- journal

Today we did online school it was fun working at home because i can work in my own space. I have enjoyed lunch and recess  because  I can play with my pets. It was fun learning about different things at home. In my house we are moving and it is a lot of work moving boxes and packing but i left out some school supplies just in case this happens and it did. I try to limit my screen time on devices like phone, ipad, laptop.