Writing Challenge – Week 5 the Rocca’s holiday

One day there was a family called the Rocca’s, Rocca 1, Rocca 2 and Rocca 3. they all looked the same because they where the Rocca’s. Once they wanted to do something so they had a family meeting, Rocca 1 wanted to go to Australia because they where sick of Antartica, their home. All of the Rocca’s agreed so they caught a plane to Australia. When they got there all the Rocca’s celebrated. Rocca 3 wanted to go to the lake so they did. Once they got there Rocca 3 wanted to ride on a crocodile all the other Rocca’s thought it was a great idea so Rocca 3 jumped onto a crocodile and it was pouncing around crazy. Once Rocca 3 got of, all of the Rocca’s ran to get some Vegemite lamingtons.  All the Rocca’s didn’t like them so Rocca 2 said i want to go ride a kangaroo.  So all the Rocca’s went to the outback and tried to spot a kangaroo, once they spotted a kangaroo rocca 2 jumped on its back and it went crazy and all of the other Rocca’s chased Rocca 2 on the kangaroo and pulled her of. Finally, rocca 1 was busting to go to