Writing Challenge – Week 5 the Rocca’s holiday

One day there was a family called the Rocca’s, Rocca 1, Rocca 2 and Rocca 3. they all looked the same because they where the Rocca’s. Once they wanted to do something so they had a family meeting, Rocca 1 wanted to go to Australia because they where sick of Antartica, their home. All of the Rocca’s agreed so they caught a plane to Australia. When they got there all the Rocca’s celebrated. Rocca 3 wanted to go to the lake so they did. Once they got there Rocca 3 wanted to ride on a crocodile all the other Rocca’s thought it was a great idea so Rocca 3 jumped onto a crocodile and it was pouncing around crazy. Once Rocca 3 got of, all of the Rocca’s ran to get some Vegemite lamingtons.  All the Rocca’s didn’t like them so Rocca 2 said i want to go ride a kangaroo.  So all the Rocca’s went to the outback and tried to spot a kangaroo, once they spotted a kangaroo rocca 2 jumped on its back and it went crazy and all of the other Rocca’s chased Rocca 2 on the kangaroo and pulled her of. Finally, rocca 1 was busting to go to

writing challenge

The Polar Bear

Once there was a family who wanted to go on holiday. They always wanted to go to Antartica, so they flew on a plane al the way to Antartica. Finally when they got there, Zara shouted ‘IS THAT WHAT WE CAME FOR? THE PLANE TOOK FOREVER!‘ Her mother wasn’t happy with that response. Then didn’t give Zara her desert that night (the worst punishment for her). The next morning she forgot what happened and she started to like Antartica. Her mum said ‘The lake froze last night do you want to go ice skating?’ Zara replied with yes, she has always wanted to go ice skating.

When she was putting on her ice skating gear she saw a ruffle in the bush beside the frozen lake, But she thought she was just seeing things so she disided to go out anyway. When she go out she saw another ruffle in the bush she was getting a shock of fear from her feet. As Zara tried to get to the edge of the lake as fast as she can a loud ‘GRAWR’ shook the ice a large white POLAR BEAR hapend to be sleeping in that bush.

to be continued…

Blog About Commenting

One was the least helpful because they are using slang words and are not checking there spelling.

I think the second least helpful was 6 because the spelling is horrible and didn’t use punctuation.

Four was the third worst because again no spelling and they didn’t address the person at the start.

I think the next one is seven because they didn’t address the person and didn’t say who it was from.

Im pretty sure its eight because that is quite rude and they could be more polite.

Five is really god but it doesn’t have paragraphs and doesn’t ask questions.

the next is three because it dosen’t ask as many questions as number two.

I think number two is the best because it has the best questions and has two paragraphs.


Country of Focus Week 3 – China


2. China is on the continent of Asia.

3. The capital city of China is Beijing.

4. China is a part of the northern and eastern hemisphere.

4. 1,442,716,950

5. Chinas national language is Mandarin, but there are several hundred other languages.

6. Chinas currency is Renminbi, witch means ‘the peoples currency’ in Mandarin.

7. In 2014, the Chinese President and Australian Prime Minister agreed to describe the relationship as a “comprehensive strategic partnership”.

8. You can buy green bean flavoured ice pops in China.

9. Three countries that share a border with china are Mongolia to the north west, India to the south east and North Korea to the north west.